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Lead-acid battery won't take a charge?  The
BatteryPulse De-Sulfator
is your answer.
The new version de-sulfator is available for
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New Fully automatic Engine Dryer to get you engine
to it's 2000 hour TBO. Electronic humidity sensing
and auto purge of desiccant.
As Seen in the
October 2009 issue  of Sport Aviation
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Mooney Power Tug
When was the last time you had to get your Mooney into the
hanger by yourself? Yes, it can be done, but it can also be a
back wrenching job if the ramp apron has even a small slope
away from to hanger threshold to preclude flooding.  The M03
Powertug is the minature superhero that will provide the back
saving assistence everyone  appreciates.

Unique "
powered" mount and dismount.

Small and light only
7 pounds! You can take it with you.

No battery!  Electrical power is supplied by the Mooney
electrical bus via a connector* mounted deep n the passenger
side cabin air intake vent.
* Mating Power interface  connector is included.

Chain drive (No fricton roller to tear up nosewheel tire.)
M03 Powertug Installed on Mooney 231M20K
Position  Tug
Behind Mooney  
Pulse Power  
(Forward to Mount and
Reverse to dismount)
Insert  Guidebar
"Powered" Load / Unload Sequence
Simply position the Powertug behind the Mooney nosewheel axle and pulse the Forward power
control. The Powertug will crawl under the axle and lift it into the Powertug saddle.
Insert the Guide bar handle and your are ready to roll.
The Power Tug  Towbar handle is supplied with a
control cable and a  
Forward/ Off / Reverse direction Switch.
Power Tug  mating
connector & circuit
breaker  Installs in
right seat passanger
air intake vent.
Connector Installed in
deep recess of right
side air intake vent.
Guidebar T handle with
Forward / Reverse
Direction Thumbswitch
Price $650
We're sorry.
The M03 Powertug is currently  out of
All remaining inventory has been sold.

Skymeadow Airpark
5313 S. Skymeadow, Greenacres, WA 99016
Phone  509 921 8980

Welcome to the EAA Chapter 79 Sport Aviation Magazine "Crafts &
Techniques pages.  The source for project kits and materials.
AOA Angle of Attack  Indicator  Kit
$60 includes  S&H
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Do it YOurself Aircraft Jacks Welding
Aircraft Jacks Build Instructions

Low cost Air Conditioner Kit for your
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BARC  "Top Hat"  RiteWay Compass

Ultra light  and Experimental Aircraft correct
turn sense magnetic compass.
This unique magnetic compass is built
upside down and backwards!  But by viewing
it through a 45 degree  turning mirror the   
vertical image of the compass card exhibits
the  correct turning sense.   The compass
rose  image presented to the pilot rotates
"with the turn" like a Directional Gyro instead
of "opposite the turn" of the typical magnetic
compass.  Sun light illumination is used to  
back light  the compass card. This provides
and easy to read display at all brightness
Price $59
Top Hat Rite Way Compass $59
By  Popular  request, the AOA kit is
available again!
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