Angle Of Attack  (AOA ) Kit
The AOA kit consists of:
Electronic components        
Double sided PC Display boards
Cut and scored
N305 Hall magnetic sensor
LM 78L05 Regulator
LM 3914 Bargraph Drive
MV5A164 Multicolor LED Display
10K & 1K Pot
510 ohm resistor
1uF Capacitor
10uF Capacitor
3 pin plugs  (2)
2-pin plug  (1)
Cable termination connectors. (2)
Power terminal (1)
* Hook up cable has been deleted
Mechanical parts
¼” x 4-40 swage type mount (2)
Prefab Delrin Sensor vane and fin
Post axle components
0.374” x 0.1” x0.1”Smarium Cobalt
Delrin 3/4" i.d. Pitot Mount Assembly
Price: $50  + $4 S& H
Any Credit Card via Paypal
To order: via check
Send check for $50 + $4 S& H to:
5313 S. Skymeadow Lane
Greenacres, WA
Display and Sensor Vane
Component Locations
Hall Sensor Board and Vane Mounted
on Pitot Tube
*Please note: The ~ 18 feet  of
shielded cable has been deleted from
the kit due to the impracticality of
packing and shipping costs. ( The wire
sets off post office alarms!)  You will
need to purchase (2 conductor plus
shield) wire from Radio Shack or other
sources . Radio Shack p/n 278-0513
AOA Sense assembly . Note Cable is now
soldered directly to PC board
AOA Kit Building Instructions (Large
File) Click Here
Sorry,, we are sold out of circuit
boards for the AOA kits. The build
instructions are still available for those
that want to [rocure their own
components and build using vector
board construction.