Angle Of Attack  (AOA ) Kit
The AOA kit consists of:
Electronic components        
Double sided PC Display boards
Cut and scored
N305 Hall magnetic sensor
LM 78L05 Regulator
LM 3914 Bargraph Drive
MV5A164 Multicolor LED Display
10K & 1K Pot
510 ohm resistor
1uF Capacitor
10uF Capacitor
3 pin plugs  (2)
2-pin plug  (1)
Cable termination connectors. (2)
Power terminal (1)
* Hook up cable has been deleted
Mechanical parts
¼” x 4-40 swage type mount (2)
Prefab Delrin Sensor vane and fin
Post axle components
0.374” x 0.1” x0.1”Smarium Cobalt
Delrin 3/4" i.d. Pitot Mount Assembly
Price: $50  + $4 S& H
Any Credit Card via Paypal
To order: via check
Send check for $50 + $4 S& H to:
5313 S. Skymeadow Lane
Greenacres, WA
Display and Sensor Vane
Component Locations
Hall Sensor Board and Vane Mounted
on Pitot Tube
*Please note: The ~ 18 feet  of
shielded cable has been deleted from
the kit due to the impracticality of
packing and shipping costs. ( The wire
sets off post office alarms!)  You will
need to purchase (2 conductor plus
shield) wire from Radio Shack or other
sources . Radio Shack p/n 278-0513
AOA Sense assembly . Note Cable is now
soldered directly to PC board
AOA Kit Building Instructions (Large
File) Click Here
By  popular request the AOA kit is
available once again  Price $60
Foreign purchase price $73 This
includes $13 for 1st class postage)