Fully Automatic Engine Dryer  
Closed Loop Kit
Cheap Insurance to help get your
aircraft engine to its rated TBO
If you own an aircraft engine ---  then,
You need this now!!!!
Life Support for Aircraft Engines
Air fitting for engine oil filler cap
How it works, Summary
Continental and Lycoming  typically rate their engine life from 1600 to 2000 hours of operation between
overhauls on most models.   However, the only owners likely to achieve that kind of rated performance are
those who use their aircraft on a nearly daily basis. Why?  The reason is not the flying. It is the parking!
A primary culprit for premature aircraft engine overhaul is corrosion caused by condensation within the
engine cavity that occurs after shutdown.  Aircraft engines that are used daily frequently reach their rated
TBO because liquid condensate is boiled off on a regular basis.  Low use rate often results in reduced engine
life.   As the engine cools and the internal temperature drops below the dew point, liquid moisture condenses
out of the vapor and clings to internal engine surfaces. This liquid water then resumes its ongoing process
of eating up your engine from the inside out.  However, if the dew point can be made sufficiently low, then
liquid water will never form.   The engine dehumidifier provides a continuous positive pressure injection of
extremely dry air  on a 24/7 continuous flow basis. Any moisture in the crankcase air is  recovered from the
blow-by vent and returned to the dryer. Passing over the silica gel removes any residual moisture. When the
desiccant saturates, the humidity sensing electronics turn off the air pump, turns on a heat lamp in the
desiccant and opens a purge valve to the outside ambient environment.  The desiccant is heated to ~ 200 F .
As moisture is driven of the humidity falls and the electronics restart the engine drying process
Air plumbing schematic
Plenum Purge Valve
Humidity Electronics Schematic

Bill of materials for the automated dryer kit

(Original kit components)
Air pump                           
Tygon tubing 10 ft.                                 
Engine air inlet connector. (brass)
Air stone (dust filter)
1 lb Silica Gel

Lid drill  pattern template     
Purge valve  housing  
¾” Silicon SCUBA  check valve
Valve linkage   3/32’ brass tube
& Aluminum lever linkage
PC mounting  hardware
2 ea #4 screw
4 ea #4 washers        
60W  lamp
Lamp socket  
Hollow  lamp socket bolt
120V Power outlet  (split)
Power cord flying lead  Q100-ND  
3/16”Brass tubing    1” stub inlet tube
3/16”x 7” Brass tubing  delivery tube w/
Humidity sensor* (custom design)  
#22 hook up wire      
Full complement kit (all components)

You will also need::
Soldering iron
RTV glue
Hand tools
Fabricate your own air return adapter
(if used)

Price $120 includes Shipping via USPS
Order from: www.barkeraircraft.com

Bill of materials for the automated
dryer kit (Continued)

All electronic components including:
120VAC to 12VDC power supply module
PC Board  humidity controller
LM555 timers (2)   .        
LM358 Op –Amp   
HRF3205 FET transistor   
DPDT relay* (12V coil)   
1 Meg
10K Trimpot
100 ohms
*Humidity sensor BA
A  Dryer sub- kit of  the primary
components is available for the 220VAC
/50 Hz  nations. Click Here
Dryer and air pump
Control electronics
Engine Dryer Build Instructions
SORRY!  Currently out of production
due to loss of supplier for the humidity
sensor component.
Sorry! Currently out of production
due to loss of supplier for the humidity
sensor component.