Sub-kit components for engine dryer)
Foreign purchase option to save
shipping costs and  options for the 220
V 50hz power
Packing list fo for the automated
dryer sub-kit

(Sub-kit componets for engine dryer)
Foreign purchase option
220V / 50hz power)

Lid drill  pattern template     
Purge valve  housing  
¾” Silicon SCUBA  check valve
Valve linkage   3/32’ brass tube
& Aluminum lever linkage
PC mounting  rt angle  4-40 (2)       
3/16”Brass tubing    1” stub inlet tube
3/16”x 7” Brass tubing  delivery tube
All electronic components

PC Board  for  humidity controller
DPDT relay* (12V coil)   
K10P-11D15-12   Highly Modified*

Integrated circuits
LM555 timers (2)   .        
LM358 Op –Amp   
HRF3205 FET transistor   

1 Meg
10 K Trimpot
Select  resistor *4.3K nominal
100 ohms

*Custom Humidity sensor BARC
Price $85 US  Plus $19 foreign
mailing cost.
  $104 US  
What you will need to procure
locally to complete this kit.

220 V 50Hz  Aquarium Air pump      
equivelent to the USA
Tetra  Whisper 10 pump   
~ 3M length of 3mm diameter
Tygon tubing    
~ 2 liter wide mouth " Pickle Jar"     
with metal lid.      
1 lb desiccant   Silica Gel or
AGM  Clay  CaSO4  * This can be
found in craft stores in granular form.
(It is used to dry flowers.).
Engine dry air inlet connector. (brass)
for the oil filler cap.
Air blow-by recovery fitting.

60W /220 V  lamp and socket
Hollow  lamp socket bolt
Hook up wire
(1/8 pipe & nuts)
Power cord
220V dual Power outlet  
(split)appropriate for the country of use

Digi-key p/n T9490P5P-ND

220VAC / 50 Hz to 12VDC power
supply module with international
plug adapters
Note: Sorry for the price increase, but
the cost of the 220VAC power supply
has nearly tripled.