EAA 79  Battery Pulse De-sulfator parts kit,
includes circuit board and all components   $25ea   (includes S&H)

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Greenacres, WA

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De- Sulfator  Component side  of PC Board                     De- Sulfator  solder side of PC Board

                                 KIT Assembly guide  Componet layout
Modification for 24* volt battery
Click Here
De-sulfaftor Pulse 3 Model  for 6, 12, or
24* volt batteries.
$25ea. ( includes S& H)
Component Locations Top side of PC Board
De-sulaftor 3 Building instructions Click Here
Battery Pulse De-sulfator
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Price $29
Battery Pulse         
De-sulfator $25
The pulse desulfator is back in
production due to popular demand.  
Thank you for your ongoing suipport of
this very popular item
Due to a 3X increase in international
postage rates on Jan .1 2013, we have
had to increase our International  prices.  
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